Vulkan Elasticated Ankle Wrap Ankle Sprain Care Athletic Ankle Brace
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  • Lightweight.
  • Elastic material.
  • Doesn't restrict movement.
  • Starter loop.



For ankle injuries, such as minor pain, stiffness and bruising, the Vulkan ankle wrap is an ideal support for the ankle. It is designed to provide firm support following an ankle injury to protect it against further damage and encourage recovery. The Vulkan ankle wrap can help to control swelling and can help to reduce discomfort in the ankle. The lightweight and elastic material makes the ankle wrap a comfortable support that doesn't reduce movement or restrict activity. The Vulkan ankle wrap are also designed to help with the prevention of injury and protect the ankle from other injuries. It is ideal for use with exercise or those who lead an active lifestyle, such as playing sports. The ankle wrap is designed with a starter loop to help with the ease of application and the wrap can be positioned for controlled compression. Its one size fits all design also means it will fit both smaller and larger ankles.

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