LP Ankle Support with Silicon Pad Strained Ankle Brace Ankle Pain Relief
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  • Anatomically orientated fit and good joint control while avoiding congestive symptoms even when walking, standing or pursuing sporting activities.
  • Improved blood flow through the irritated soft tissues of the joint.
  • Positive effect on the metabolism and faster respiration of deposits.
  • No negative effect on muscular activity.



Provides intermittent pressure to soft tissues, joints, and ligaments. This massaging effect helps improve blood circulation and relieve pain resulting from sprains, strains, and ligament injuries.

Additional Information :

Product size

SMALL 15.2cm-20.3cm 6"-8"
MEDIUM 20.3cm-25.4cm 8"-10"
LARGE 25.4cm-30.5cm 10"-12"
X LARGE 30.5cm-36.8cm 12"-14.5"